1. I would suggest that you leave a little longer tail when you start, so you have something to grab onto.
    I made mine too short and had to pull it with pliers.

  2. That's true. And the tighter you keep the wrap as you go the harder that tail is going to be to pull through, but the better it is going to stay especially on a smooth surface like the blowgun I was wrapping in the pictures.
    If you leave the tail too short, you can clamp onto it with needle nose pliers, wrap it around the nose a time or two and get a lot of leverage that way.

  3. I agree with leaving enough length tail...I tied a knot to make a loop at the end, anchor it on something then pull it in place.

  4. Awesome Idea, great storage place for the extra paracord. I am gong to wrap every handle that I can think of that goes into my survival gear. spoons and all!

    What Ideas are out there for Items to wrap?


    1. A lot of people talk about their bug out vehicles, just under 80 feet of paracord will wrap a steering wheel nicely. This is out of the way and when needed the vehicle still functions.

  5. This is the same as a common whipping! That is also why it is harder to finish a longer wrap; it is more difficult to bury the loop in the wraps if the wrapping is longer.

  6. thanks for the great tutorial, very helpful to me.