Truck/Pack Pouch Kit

Though I wouldn't consider this a full-on survival kit, it is the kit that ends up coming with me virtually everywhere I go. It gets tossed in my vehicle, stuffed in my pack, tucked in a cargo pocket, and has seen a lot of service time by now. As you can see, it's a pretty simple affair, and it started as an afterthought, mostly so I could take advantage of nice pieces of water if I happened across some. Stumbling across a nice little creek happens quite a bit here in north Georgia. Then my thought process was, "Well, if by some chance I actually catch a good fish, it sure would be nice to have the means to clean and cook it!" and so the kit expanded a little more. The only thing missing in the pic is the little piece of foil I try to keep in there. I need to replace that from last time. Excluding the knife, this kit probably contains about $20 worth of gear. If I lose it or leave it behind on some rock? Well, chances are I'll miss it pretty quickly and just go back and get it. But even if it gets truly lost, I can put another together cheaply.

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  1. Hmmm, it's like half survival kit/half fishing kit. Useful and fun. I like it!