There is not another place in the world where my mind and soul knows peace like it does in the thick woods. Whatever my intent - be it fishing, praying, hunting, exploring, or just relaxing - I get refreshed just being out there. If I'm honest, I'll admit that some of the coldest or wettest or hottest or buggiest of trips might not be "refreshing" at the time, but over time the mind does it's job and the experience just gets added to the hopefully character building file. As a novice hunter from a non-hunting family, part of my enjoyment in writing here is being able to log the things I learn and try, whether they work or not. A sort of public journal as it pertains to my Georgia wilderness endeavors.

A bit about the myself... I am a private investigator here in Georgia. I work in a suburb outside Atlanta and live about as far as I can from the city and still get to work on time every day. My woods time is squeezed in on weekends, vacation days, and the too few opportunities that seem to present themselves. A father of two young boys, my hope is that they'll be my bush buddies in the upcoming years!

If you're new to my blog, I hope you'll enjoy my writings, tutorials, photos, and thoughts on bushcraft and outdoors. I'm not an expert on anything, so join in! I appreciate every comment, picture, or story that visitors have been willing to share with me.